Mamono-Musume (Monster Girl)

“Love of Out Side of Human”

Cover Illust
Kenko Cross

Smach Hit on Mamono-Musume-Zukan (The Picture Guide of Monster Girl)  Featuring the Number one artist of “Out Side of Human World” !


List of Comic Artists
Nemu/Okuva/Metoban/Tukudani/TAKURA, Mahiro/Bakuya

January 31, 2019 

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Relationship between a Hebi-Gami (Goddess of Snake) and Human Boy

“Wet Love”


Kagami is Hebi-Gami (Goddess of Snake) and she is watching Honoka, a human boy.
Humura has decided to give his virgin to Kagami.
However, his “racial” lost vergin is unexpectedly

Relationship between a Mushi-Musume (Hexapod Girl) and Human Boy

”After Spring Silkworm”


Gensaku, a silkworm factory owner, raised
Silkuru, a silkworm girl, with pouring tons of love.
Someday, may I want to confess my love
Dreaming girl finally reaches her day of becoming an adult...

Relationship between a Mamono-Musume (Monster Girl) and Human Boy

“The Front Line of Genie Monster”


The battle between Monster and Human getting intensified
Their forbidden love affair cannot be stopped
Monster Girl and Geeky Human Boy fall in love

Relationship between a Kemono-Musume (Animal Girl) and Human Boy

“Nashuwa’s Magical Therapy”


Arbalest, a thief, visits Nashuwa, a famous fortune teller,
to break the spell on him.
However, Nashuwa asks a more intimate relationship in exchange for her magic.
Having more than deepest fun with that brown animal girl

Relationship between a Kemono-Musume (Animal Girl) and Human Boy

“Town Breeders of Hremen”

TAKURA Mahiro 

Nico, a Cat Monster Girl, gets so horny with her step-bro’s odor.
One day, her bro’ has found out that she is smelling his underpants.
What’s gonna happen when a fluffy Monster Girl and skin-tight leggings girl have met?

Relationship between a Oni-Musume (Devil Girl) and Human Boy

“Green Love, Devil Love”


A boy is being offered as a sacrifice to Oni-Musume (Devil Girl).
His mission is to be “eaten” by her, but it’s gotta be an in a sexual way...!?
The overwhelming difference in body size leads him to a love of predation!
Love Sex between Oni Devil and little boy

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